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Knowledge – Crime: Strategies of White-Collar Criminals

A short course on white-collar crime it is not a game, white collar crime is serious. To deceive and cheat their victims, white-collar criminals frequently use psychological manipulation strategies. Persuasion is a crucial method used by white-collar criminals. It is the skill of influencing people to accept and trust in their deceptive promises or plans. These offenders frequently have good communication abilities. They then exploit their victims’ charm, charisma, and power to persuade them to make judgments that promote the criminal’s aim.

Manipulation through information control is another strategy widely used by white-collar offenders. These individuals frequently have access to sensitive or secret information, which they exploit. White-collar criminals can influence their victims to make uneducated or wrong judgments by selectively providing or hiding key facts. A financial adviser, for example, may hide critical information regarding high-risk investments in order to induce customers to engage in schemes that would eventually enrich the criminal.





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