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Knowledge – Crime: The Dark World of White-Collar Crime

Three short courses on the dark world of white-collar crime. White-collar crime encompasses a range of non-violent, financially motivated crimes. Committed by individuals in professional or business settings. Types of white-collar crime include corporate fraud, identity theft, and money laundering. These crimes can have far-reaching consequences for individuals, organizations, and society. It is crucial to be aware of these types of crimes and take necessary precautions to protect oneself and prevent their occurrence.

They can include Corporate Fraud. When a high-ranking executive at a large company manipulates the company’s financial statements. This is to make it appear that the company more profitable than it actually is. This deception leads investors to buy more shares. This could result in significant financial loss when the true financial state of the company is revealed. Or Identity Theft, when a skilled hacker gains access to a person’s online banking account and credit card information. Using this stolen information, they make unauthorized purchases. Or open multiple fraudulent credit card accounts in the victim’s name. This can cause substantial financial loss and damage to the victim’s credit score.





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